Palletmove the South's fastest growing Pallet Supplier


Service in Pallets is everything...

So what makes us so different - Customer Service!

We made sure that we listened to customer demands and we reacted with a quality of service second to none. The industry was clear when we asked how to set our goals, our customers wanted a reliable service available to work around their business. We responded by replacing our fleet with a new more efficient one.

We can offer all delivery types including Same day, Next Day and Scheduled delivery.

Charity Pallets Bay and Sell


Palletmove is more than just a business, some of our customers choose to donate their Pallets to us. We chose to take this opportunity to donate a portion of the profits from these pallets to Charities across the UK.

Our clients are contacted and offered to present a cheque to their chosen charity.

We work closely with charities and ensure donations are quickly passed on to the relevant receiver.  


The future...

Many people don't realise that Pallets can be taken away from their businesses for free and recycled to be resold as used stock. We have a network of Pallet relative websites dedicated to the recycling of Pallets and other distribution materials.


Working with us is simple, with the latest technology and a huge resource to work from, we aim to grow our network into new markets and become the UK's largest provider of New and Used Pallets.

Products that have shipped on our Pallets

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