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The types of Pallet we sell

Our pallet services are our core business with used pallet sales, supply, and collection making up the majority of what we do day to day. 

Pallets come in two common sizes:

1. A UK Standard Pallet which is:  1200mm x 1000mm 


2. Euro Size Pallet which is:           1200mm x 800mm 

Although these sizes make up around 80% of our sales, we have over 83 different varieties of Pallet available, it is always worth a quick call to check stock levels and availability. 

We also offer a Bespoke service to build and manufacture Pallets of any size and spec, this includes heat treated pallets. 

We have the resources and facility to all quantities of pallets with free delivery locally on orders of a minimum of 80 standard Pallets, whilst we deliver up to 806 Euro Size Pallets and 572 Standard Size Pallets UK wide.


There are a variety of weights, grades and sizes available so there is a little more too it when shipping.


Standard Pallets although common in the UK are generally organised by weight and base design.

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