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Pallet Collection

Pallet Clearance

Pallet are great for some businesses and hell for others, we are able to work with both in a simple yet effective network of vehicles.

We operate collections ranging in size from a minimum of 30 Pallets to a maximum of 520 per collection.

Our staff are fully trained o remove Pallets from your site whether they be broken or ready to be re-purposed, some of our drivers hold a Full Forklift License giving you the option to have our drivers load their own vehicle. 

Our team are on hand to carry out pallet collection and clearances throughout the area. If you have used, good quality wooden or Euro pallets, our fleet of lorries can come directly to your business to collect any amount, removing the pallets and reconditioning them back at our facility.

Charity Pallets

We also offer a service that donates money for pallets collected to benefit charities large and small.

We often change who we donate too and welcome suggestions on worthy causes. Where possible we donate money and materials to local schools, colleges and universities.


Pallets donated to Southampton and Portsmouth schools have been used to build Allotments, play equipment and even replica of a Roman era water wheel. We also encourage families to take pallet wood to build tree houses, we offer advice and instruction on safe practice and design, as well as materials free of charge


Pallets that are Pooled and Leased

Pallets come in all shapes and sizes, but colour

Knowing what Pallets sizes we collect is easy, just refer to the Pallets page

to see which sizes we take.​

Pallets are not always an asset and in some cases are owned wholly by a

pallet pooling supplier and cannot be bought, sold or traded.


Examples of these companies are:

 CHEP (BLUE), IPP (BROWN) and LPR (RED) whose pallets are Painted.

We are Registered with these companies and in turn have agreement to take small quantities of these pallets away that may have been mixed into regular deliveries. If your company deals solely in these pallets please speak to our customer team to take advise on how to have these collected.

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